Carpet Repair

  • Improper installation

Improper installation is the main cause of wrinkles or slack in carpeting. Did you know that when a carpet installer or carpet store receives a roll of carpet, there are detailed installation instructions within the first fold of the carpet roll? These detailed instructions indicate that the carpet must be put in the areas to be installed 24 to 48 hours before actual installation. This allows the carpet to acclimate to the home environment. Very few installers actually do this very necessary step. The instructions also state that a "power stretcher" must be used for any area that is greater than 8 foot by 8 foot. This is a tool few installers have or choose to use. If all necessary installations steps are not properly followed the carpet normally will start to "buckle" or "wrinkle up" at the walls as well as in high traffic areas. This can happen as soon as one year after the carpeting has been installed. Dirt Free has been fixing this problem and many other carpet repair issues for more than 25 years. From total re-installation to small areas where pets have torn up the edges, you can count on dirt-free to have the answer and a fair estimate for any flooring repair you may have. Call today to schedule an appointment, and one of our certified repair technicians can walk you through the process to get your floor back to a "like new" appearance.

  • Pad Deflation

Most carpet padding manufactured in recent times is commonly referred to as "Rebond". It is simply constructed from scraps of upholstery foam and various other types of foam. These scraps are ground up and "Re- Bonded" together into a roll. The density and quality of the scraps can vary greatly. When a lower quality pad finds its way under your carpeting, it will normally start to "Deflate" after only a few years of use. This "Deflation" normally first appears in the areas that see the most foot traffic. As the padding deflates, it causes slack in the carpeting that appears as buckling. It will normally look like a little speed bump or wave. If this is the reason for slack in your carpeting, don't worry, it's not all bad news. This deflation process normally only happens for a few years after installation. Dirt free has a specific process to eliminate this slack from your carpeting. Call today to schedule an appointment, and one of our certified repair technicians will come to your home and diagnose the exact cause of your specific carpeting issue, and determine the best way to correct it.

carpet repair

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