Air Duct Cleaning

Dirt Free knows that regular cleaning of your home's air distribution system is an important step towards ridding your home of harmful contaminant and improving your indoor air quality. Think of it this way: your air duct system, blower, and air return acts like the respiratory system of your home. This system is continually re-circulating the air that is inside your house. As dust and dirt collect in your home, they are picked up by the system and carried into every room throughout your entire living space. Your hvac heating, ventilation, and cooling system draws air in, and then circulates it through your air ducting system into every room of your house. Its a very efficient system. However air is not the only thing being circulated.

Ninety three percent of all particles such as dust, pet fur, mold, tobacco, and pollens, are drawn in and passed through the system. Over time, these particles collect forming waste deposits that contaminate your air ducts. Whenever your heater or a/c is turned on, that waste is picked up by passing air and blown through the vents into every room in your home. Though you can't always see them, these contaminates cause indoor air pollution which can be harmful, causing allergic reactions and even serious respiratory illness. Dirt Free's certified technicians are air duct cleaning specialists trained in the latest technology called the source removal method. Our system uses compressed air to push harmful contaminates toward a central location along the system. Then a high powered suction device pulls the waste from your ducts outside your home. Now you and your family can breathe easier, plus you will have less dusting, vacuuming and cleaning to do. With your new air duct filter installed, your heating and a/c system will operate smoothly and efficiently.

You can trust Dirt Free to provide the care, professionalism, and superior services you've come to expect. Schedule your in home air quality evaluation today, and one of our certified hvac system cleaning technicians will come to your home or office to determine the condition of your hvac system. This evaluation will determine if you are in need of this type of cleaning and if cleaning your system will be beneficial.

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Air Duct Cleaning is an important step towards ridding your home of harmful contaminants.

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